“Future A.I. Will Be Able to Generate Photos We Need Out of Nothing” by Paul Melcher

“…Photo licensing companies like Shutterstock or Getty Images could let go of their tens of thousand of contributors and tens of millions of stored images and replace them with a smart bot that can instantly create the exact image you are looking for.

Think this idea is crazy? Think again. Already text algorithms create entire human readable articles from raw data they gather around a sporting event or a company’s stock. Automatically. Chances are, you’ve already read a computer generated article without even knowing it.

CGI is now so advanced that entire movies are filmed in front of a green backdrop before being completed with the necessary reality elements we would swear are true. Skilled Photoshop artists can already merge different photos to create a new one, fabricating a true-to-life scene that never existed. IKEA revealed last year that 75% of their catalog photos are not real, but are instead entirely computer generated.”  read article at petapixel