Aging and DNA Network Stability

That aging leads to mortality is a rather obvious conclusion.  In some species this is a more statistical true than a biological determination.  Researchers investigated mathematical relations between stress resistance, aging, and negligible senescence.  Next step would be fix DNA so that the network is more stable.

We conjectured, therefore, that the lifelong transcriptional stability of an organism may be a key determinant of longevity. We analyzed the stability of a simple genetic-network model and found that under most common circumstances, such a gene network is inherently unstable. Over a time it undergoes an exponential accumulation of gene-regulation deviations leading to death. However, should the repair systems be sufficiently effective, the gene network can stabilize so that gene damage remains constrained along with mortality of the organism

Read full “Stability analysis of a model gene network links aging, stress resistance, and negligible senescence” by Valeria Kogan, Ivan Molodtsov, Leonid I. Menshikov, Robert J. Shmookler Reis & Peter Fedichev