Jobless future

If you’re worried about your kids and the fact that More than half of students chasing dying careers you are probably right.  If you think that electing a career that is not dying will help them you are probably wrong.  Of course this and other Odradeks will outlive parents, but the dismissal is not a kafkan one.  Problem is it is likely the case that the problem is not which careers, but more likely ‘careers’ itself is becoming an obsolete term.

Colleagues seem to be there for a while, though we might have to be Ready for a Robot Colleague.

In a broader view on workmate, A.I. may give us a ride in preparation for a new time occupation future.  Perhaps it’s better for us to Don’t Worry, Smart Machines Will Take Us With Them.  remember those kids chasing dying careers?  That’s only part time – the rest of it they are drooling obsessively at smart phones as much as we let them.  It may well be that the case that this is their robot education in the making.