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does objectivity help creativity?

in “Stop Trying To Be Creative” CHRISTIE ASCHWANDEN brings testimony of a less structured find of creativity.

Having defined objectives might actually be driving you out of the path to creative solutions.

ATCG not enough for good DNA?

In “Structural Basis for a Six Nucleotide Genetic Alphabet” published at the Journal of the American Chemical Society researches propose adding a couple of letters.

“Z” and “P” would contribute to the classic double helix structure with similar flexibility and rigitdy.  Paper states that this would integrate well with current ‘conventional’ pairs.  An ATCGZP DNA could evolve and take a life of its own.  Literally.  Including evolution and all its unforeseen consequences.

In theory, having an enriched set of building blocks would increase the possibility of creating new proteins and thus potentially useful for medial and scientific purposes.  Perhaps one advantage is that such proteins (and other biochemical structures) is the fact that they would be easily marked and spotted as distinguished elements.

see the press release

“The First Energy Revolution — Tesla Energy Changes Everything” by Ken Trough

From Cleantechnica:

“(…) We all know the world runs on energy, but we’ve been conditioned over the last couple of generations to see energy as something that requires careful conservation and conscious usage.

(…) Power conservation has only been necessary because the vast majority of our energy needs have been, up until now, either provided by non-renewable resources (like coal or other fossil fuels), or by resources with considerable negative environmental risks (like nuclear power). Remove the downside of energy production, build out a decentralized green power generation network with more capacity than is required, and you remove the necessity to conserve power at all. (Of course, until it is really built out, conservation is very important to keeping our emissions down and stopping global warming.)

(…) Of course, harnessing all that free solar power for our use is easier said than done. (…)

Aren’t Battery Systems Old News?(…)

Our past energy paradigm was largely based on central power generation (…) Tesla Energy’s stationary battery systems support a decentralized power generation architecture.(…)

This is the key fundamental enabling technology that solar power has been waiting for. (…) No longer will the “energy conservation” paradigm rule our thinking and limit our growth. Once the artificial scarcity of power production based on fossil fuels is removed, we will see a revolutionary transformation of our society and the world at large.(…) read full article

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