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Writers’s reading lists: Alan Turing

Relation of books Alan Turing borrowed from his school library

Game of Logic by Lewis Carroll.

Through The Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.

The Common Sense of the Exact Sciences by William Kingdon Clifford.

Isotopes by Frederick William Aston (1922 edition).

 Mathematical Recreations and Essays by W. W. Rouse Ball

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Space, Time and Gravitation by Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington.

The Nature of the Physical World by Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington.

Sidelights on Relatibvity by Albert Einstein.

The Escaping Club by A. J. Evans.

The New Physics by Arthur Haas.

Supply and Demand by Hubert D. Henderson.

Atoms and Rays  by Sir Oliver Lodge.

Modern Chromatics, with applications to art and industry by Ogden Nicholas Rood.

Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes by Thomas William Webb.

The Recent Development of Physical Science by William Cecil Dampier Whetham.

Science and The Modern World by Alfred North Whitehead.

Phases of Modern Science by Sir Oliver Lodge.

Matter and Motion by James Clerk Maxwell.

The Theory of Heat by Thomas Preston.