Startup Brazil

trakto PRO – Brazilian Startup

trakto PRO  is a Back Office designed for freelancers, enabling freelancers to do less paper work, make more money and look more professional. startup accelerated by Anjos do Brasil

broota – crowdfunding investment in startups

Broota is an investment platform enabling crowdfunding capital raise to access startups. Investors are entitled to regulated securities such as bonds, convertibles or stock in startups.

Have a Coffee – Brazilian startup

Have a Coffee proposes to deliver curated coffee selected from special and micro producers in Brazil. This startup was accelerated by Start You Up.

Baixou – Brazilian Startup

Baixou is used to monitor and search prices in big brazilian e-commerce companies. Users track historic price change, as well as set alerts to determined price ranges. This startup was accelerated by Start You Up

Memed – Brazilian Startup

Memed is Brazil’s first web-based e-prescription service and social collaboration tool for doctors. Epocrates is an international reference. They have launched a live beta version of a prescription creating app for dermatologists with 1,100+ products catalogued and 4,000+ prescriptions made. They plan to expand to all medical specialties. In Brazil, the market for medical prescriptions […]

Eventick – Brazilian Startup

Eventick helps event organizers to create and manage online ticket registration and  sales.starup accelerated by AceleraTech

ZeroPaper – Brazilian Startup

ZeroPaper is focused on solving the problem of the small business owner who doesn’t have the time or skills to manage expenses and the clutter that is associated with running his business. They will aggregate expense data from the physical notes and invoices for businesses and organizing it in an easy to read format. starup […]

Behold Studios – Brazilian Startup

Behold Studios is a small indie game development studio founded in 2009. The team has been awarded on events such as SBGames in 2008 and 2012, BRGames 2009, and with the game Knights of Pen & Paper getting nominated by the Independent Games Festival a winner for the Student Showcase, and reviewed by IGN, Kotaku, […]

CELLSEQ – Brazilian Startup

CELLSEQ develops tolls to test agriculture, cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical products for safety and toxicity. CELLSEQ technology allows for reudced dependency on animal experimentation by use of cells derived from juman stem cells. Accelerated by Techmall SA

Superela – Brazilian Startup

  Superela is a platform built for women to feel more confident and less lonely. Through free online content made by experts, a video chat platform (in a pay per minute system) where they can to talk to experts, and a community where they can talk to each other, women are able to have all help […]

Shippify – Brazilian Startup

Shippify ‘s free API connects sellers with a verified community of Urban Shippers to Deliver your Goods in 24 Hours. Send – Track and manage packages in real time. Accelerated by Techmall SA

Descarte Legal – Brazilian Startup

Descarte Legal manages information of appropriate disposal of waste.  Legal, environmental and efficiency aspects are considered as well as available forms of dealing with waste. Accelerated by Techmall SA

Tippz – Brazilian startup

Tippz collects data from drink consuption while helping bar managers to register and process sales.  Data is then used to bring efficiency to beverage distribution and logistics. This startup was accelerated by Start You Up.