Tangible Holographic Plasma

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“Mind reading viable as scientists reconstruct speech from brain activity” By Matthew Humphries

Article from GEEK

“…speech is produced using the cerebral cortex of the brain, meaning with the right electrodes and system in place we should be able to reconstruct speech just from brain waves.

This is what a team from Cognitive Systems Lab at KIT and the Wadsworth Center in New York has managed to do. Using 7 epileptic patients who volunteered for the study, they each had an electrode array attached to the surface of their cerebral cortex in order to monitor brain waves related to speech. A combination of this information combined with machine learning and linguistic knowledge allowed a system to be created that can reconstruct what is being spoken.

The video below shows the speech decoding system in action.” read full article

the world. live from ISS soon streaming HD video




Above videos are teasers.  UrtheCast plans to open it's Iris camera oepn for streaming late July.

Iris, installed at the ISS, capture videos in 4k.  Each pixel in the images is about 1 meter on earth.

Beware of robots from the future…

What part of ‘Stop!’ means ‘Stop!’ can’t someone get?

Making herself yet more exposed Emma Sulkowicz bravely publishes this video and  in an effort to bring attention to rape and how this is tacitly approved by ‘modern’ society.

By posting the video she is now exposed to agression by virtual – as if very real and phisical were not enough – means of hatred.

As to many women guilty of thinking – and speaking up – for themselves this is bound to trigger tons of cynicism.

Legitimate questioning whether this is best form to push debate about rape in society may rise as well, and in this case it is possible that part of what appears to be Emma’s goal – bring attention to the cause – is achieved.

July 14th New Horizons fly by Pluto

After years travelling across the solar system NASA's New Horizons is approaching Pluto. It is expected that it's closest flyby this July 14th generates a lot of new data, image and - hopefully - questions.

Quantum Computing Scalable Computer

As reported in "Quantum Computing Is About to Overturn Cybersecurity’s Balance of Power", by VIVEK WADHWA, quantum computers are now moving fast from possible to practical.

You can also take a peek on how one of featured devices work in this tour video

D Wave Quantum Computer

da Vinci surgical robot stiching a grape

da Vinci Robot Stiches a Grape Back Together

Market Invisible Hand – 60 seconds adventures in economics

The Open University's 60 seconds adventures in economics (1/6)

60-Second Adventures in Thought

From The Open University '60 Second Adventures' series.

  1. Zeno's Paradox (Achiles and the Tortoise).
  2. (Past-bound) time travel Paradox.
  3. A summarized version of The Chinese Room Experiment, initially proposed by John Searle.
  4. Hilbert's Infinite Hotel.
  5. Einstein's relativity inspired Twin Paradox.
  6. Erwin Schrödinger's cat thought experiment.

3D printed cells beating