Order by the waiter

Tim Döring and Brian Wansink’s “The Waiter’s Weight Does a Server’s BMI Relate to How Much Food Diners Order?” look into a curious empathy related phenomenon: diners food order seem to be influenced by waiters’ body mass. Alcohol, and dessert particularly, showed a greater response to waiter’s body mass than main courses. It is tempting to see ironic […]

Quantum Computing Scalable Computer

As reported in “Quantum Computing Is About to Overturn Cybersecurity’s Balance of Power”, by VIVEK WADHWA, quantum computers are now moving fast from possible to practical. You can also take a peek on how one of featured devices work in this tour video D Wave Quantum Computer

“Rethinking the Manufacturing Robot” By Mike Orcutt

“Baxter, introduced two years ago, was designed to be far simpler, safer, and more intuitive to operate than a conventional industrial robot (see “This Robot Could Transform Manufacturing”). Traditional industrial robots are expensive to install and use, and must be separated from human workers for safety. To function properly they typically require that their environments […]

Microbiotic readings

As we read in recently issued by TED Books “Follow Your Gut: The Enormous Impact of Tiny Microbes”  by Rob Knight, our understanding of the multitude of living forms in our bodys grow quickly. In such a way that it should be no surprise, as Shaunacy Ferro hints at The Microbiome Could Be the New Fingerprint, that ‘one’ […]

Car accident? (Other) people’s fault.

Recent article from Chris Urmson – director of Google’s self-driving car program on the state of affairs of their effort in offering an alternative to human drivers. So far, over a millin miles and 11 accidents.

“Wiring the world below” – The Economist

“The planet arrogantly dubbed “Earth” by its dominant terrestrial species might more accurately be called “Sea”. Seven-tenths of its surface is ocean, yet humanity’s need to breathe air and its inability to resist pressure means this part of the orb is barely understood. In June a project designed to help correct that will open for […]

Airware platform pitch for industry operating system

Combining hardware, software and cloud services, the Aerial Information Platform purpose is to help companies to meet insurance and government compliance requirements, quickly customize, and safely operate commercial drones at scale.

“Early Women in Science” – an online exhibition

A Biodiversity Heritage Library exhibition: 16 women scientists who began their work before 1922; forward-thinking women in various scientific fields who advocated for protecting forests and pollinating insects and warned against the use of heavy pesticides—topics that remain relevant today.

Falling Fruit – Map the urban harvest!

Falling Fruit wants it to be a tool to the contemporary forager.  Their ‘edible map’ is not the first of its kind, but it aspires to be the world’s most comprehensive. While Falling Fruit users contribute locations of their own, they also comb the internet for pre-existing knowledge, seeking to unite the efforts of foragers, foresters, […]

“The Internet doesn’t make you smarter; you only think it does” by Cathleen O’Grady

fter using search engines, people overestimate their ability to explain ideas. If you’ve ever lived with roommates, chances are you shared a “transactive” memory system with them. One person might have remembered to pay the bills, while another knew the contact details of the plumber. It’s common to find social systems that share the information […]

“The Death of Moore’s Law Will Spur Innovation” by Andrew Huang

“As transistors stop shrinking, open-source hardware will have its day. Companies that produce open-source hardware are few and far between. At least, they are if you define them in the usual way: an enterprise that provides documentation and permission sufficient for others to re-create, modify, improve, and even make their own versions of the devices it […]

“Will You Be Able to Read this Article in 1,000 Years?” BY DAVID SHULTZ

“If you ask Anthony Weiner, digital records—especially those on the Internet—can seem impossibly hard to get rid of. When a picture or document is reduced to a series of 1s and 0s, it becomes transmissible, reproducible, downloadable, and storable. You can’t burn digital books, and ideas like cloud computing make it possible to back up data […]

Large Hadron Collider set to restart

After a shutdown lasting two years, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s biggest and most powerful particle accelerator, is ready once again for the arrival of particle beams.